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Love Your Business Expo 2014 - Radio Interview 1

2014-promo-tile 405c04f2ab1ea3a46ac147d53c9f0890As the marketing executive at Warringah Chamber of Commerce & Industry it is part of my voluntary role to promote events across multiple platforms.

The 2014 Love Your Business Expo is being held at Dee Why RSL on 29 March in the Oaks Room. There will be approx 50 local small to medium sized businesses exhibiting.

It was my role to piece together the branding, information booklets, registration forms, newspaper advertising including artwork, web activities such as posts online at the Chamber website and multiple directory sites, eNewsletters and supply local media through the Manly Daily, media supporters and Radio Northern Beaches.

Attached is a Radio Northern Beaches interview with Wendy Finianos, President of Warringah Chamber.

Just a bit of Preamble. We are poking a bit of fun at local Mayor Michael Regan who was in the Manly Daily regarding his car which happens to be a Jaguar.


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