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Will Google+ Sparks give Twitter the bird?

The Google+ Project is well underway with Google taking head on Facebook, Twitter and other well branded social hangouts. 

So what's all the hype and what's in it for me?

Only a recent 'active' convert to social media myself at first glance I wondered why Google would bother launching yet another social communications site?

On closer read I was amazed at the potential this may have and how I could use this. I have Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube account(s), but it excited me FINALLY, (it seems), all these applications could be amalgamated into 1(+)!

What's the +1?

Google+1 Integrates the Google search application with their new social platform. Makes sense, 2/3 of the world use Google as a search engine but now you have the ability to +1 (or LIKE in Facebook terms) a business or service.

By Google pooling (accessing) Google Profiles & Google Buzz you will be able to see who, in your network, LIKES a business or service, I'll call this 'Referrals', and let's face it, Referral business is a 98% certainty.

The other 5 features I'm excited about (these could change as it's a Project not a Product as yet) are....

Google Circles

Google Circles is a far easier than Facebook way to create GROUPS, (or separate folders), of friends and contacts. By clicking on a contact and dragging that person into a Circle (or folder) you can create groups of Friends, Family, Work Contacts etc., so when you do post a message you can be assured the information you want to share will only go to the specified Circle of your choice!


Hangouts is an extension to the Google recently purchased Skype application where you can Hangout with, (or see), whoever is online from your Circle of friends and chat face-to-face through your web cam or, if your having a bad hair day, use the imessaging instead - all online and all for free.

Last but not least is Sparks

This to me seems to be a possible winner and the ultimate insult to Twitter where you share what's on your mind - Google Really Is Giving Twitter The Bird here!

So far the Google Project seems great and I can't wait to see the final Product. 

We'd sure like to hear your thoughts!

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