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Why you NEED a website?

A website is critical in this day and age.

If your in business then you should take advantage of all the marketing tools available to you. A website is online 24/7 and is world wide. It can be updated at the flick of a switch so all the information is current.

 Our websites are responsive, which is important so they run not only on desktop computers but are compatible with tablets and smart technology.

You wouldn’t just rely on one item to drive your business. A website used in conjunction with an integrated marketing campaign can be a powerful tool.

A website can:

  • Showcase you and/or your place of business (restaurant, shop, café, product, portfolio or trade)
  • Sell products for you
  • Generate and capture enquiries
  • Create a presence
  • Extend your trading hours
  • Expand your market
  • Save time answering questions
  • Take bookings
  • Display your products or services
  • Help customers
  • Save you time and money
  • Common mistakes in designing a website 

1. The number 1 mistake is…

You may have some great ideas on how you would like your website to look and that’s great however have you spent time thinking about what your customers want?

Whilst we take the time to listen to what you want out of your website we also take time researching your target market and marry that up with functionality for you.

2. Getting to the point

Ever been to a website and couldn’t work out who they are OR what they do?

It’s a common mistake – not everyone is a writer. This can be remedied by working with our team for a clear, consise content.

3. Functionality

Let us design a website that is easy to navigate and looks good. Why put obstacles at the front door when people want to walk through it?

Flashing lights, bells and whistles are so yesterday and thoroughly annoying. If you make it difficult for your visitors they will leave.

4. Too much outdated text

We include in all our clients websites a Content Management System which means not only will you have a functional, good looking site with interesting content you can easily update this yourself at any time without additional expense.

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