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When Social Media Turns On Your Business?

Social Media has a far greater reach to voice unpleasant as much as pleasant experiences. 

My status update instantly transformed the good old expression "if you have a bad experience you tell 10 people" to I had a bad experience, this is why and I expressed this to everyone on my Facebook, Twitter and an audience of anyone else possibly reading this blog – thousands of people.

I was recently out for a special lunch. The restaurant of choice is exclusive and well known on the peninsula and we've eaten their many times over the years for special occasions.

Poised at our favourite table eagerly awaiting my Pork Belly, we were soaking in the balinese type atmosphere, beautiful weather, the carp swimming in the pond, the music… relaxed, happy.

Finally my Pork Belly arrived. Bland, boring and surprisingly 'disappointing' considering I've had this previously at this restaurant? My friends twice cooked duck was "delectable", alas my Pork Belly was anything but and I felt robbed!

I've never previously felt compelled to speak out about a meal, maybe because of the $36+gst price tag attached with said meal, but I just 'had' to let them know about my disappointing experience. Feedback in any business is vital to help improve service.

To their credit, and being a Name restaurant they reciprocated immediately with a discount to compensate.

Driving home however, I subconsciously updated my status on Facebook expressing my disappointment in lunch to all my friends. This lead me to this blog….

Social Media has a far greater reach to voice unpleasant as much as pleasant experiences.

So what is the lesson to any business?

Whether you're into social media or not, social media is a part of how we view business and client satisfaction and experience reflects on every business, even if they are not connected with social media.

So how does a business reverse this cycle?

The key is to monitor and get involved with social media rather than buckling to it. A bad experience can quickly be reversed to a positive experience for example asking customers to write positive experiences, this doesn't mean brides etc. anybody can see straight through this!

Publishing positive videos or articles from local reviews, papers. 

Stay connected through blogs or forums. What do your customers want, how can you improve? 

Follow customers that follow you and here what they are saying.

A blog is also a powerful SEO tool but most importantly if something is wrong, unless you know about it you can't reverse it with other tactics. 

When all is said done, when done properly a bad experience can be turned around into a good experience and YOU can undo the damage – the key is to STAY CONNECTED.

Have you had a bad social media experience?

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