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What is a CMS (content management system) Website?

A content management system is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It is installed by web designers (us), but intended to be used by you.

First off, it provides you with a simple, non-technical way of updating your content. This is typically done through an internet browser such as; internet explorer, safari, firefox etc.

Add text has similarities to Microsoft Word. Just point-and-click, type in the new words, and hit save. Your site is instantly updated.

You are able to add new pages, delete old ones, or restructuring the site to match your new business model.

The CMS also automates menial tasks, such as applying the same page layout and appearance across the site. Menus and other navigation are also automatically produced.

Along with the many other administrative tools, this leaves you to concentrate on the words, and not on the technology.

What are the benefits?

A content management system makes life much easier in many ways:

  1. You are no longer dependent on the web designers making changes for you.
  2. Changes can be made any time they are needed, day or night. This is increasingly important as your business comes to rely on the website as a communications channel.
  3. All the technical details are simply handled by the CMS, allowing anyone to manage and update the site.
  4. Multiple staff can keep the site up-to-date, instead of being restricted to just one person. The CMS will track who is doing what, avoiding potential confusion.
  5. You can even ensure that each staff person can only update the sections of the site they are
  6. responsible for.
  7. The CMS ensures that all the pages are consistent in design, and will build all the menus and other navigation for you.
  8. The many other powerful features of the CMS allows the site to grow in sync with your business.

All our websites are CMS sites

Our choice CMS is Joomla and we've proud to say we've been using this open source for the last 5 years and - we love it!

It's powerful, easy to use and has litterally millions of extension available worldwide. The software supports all business types, small, medium to large organisations.

We're happy to talk more about this...  

Why not give us a call 0411 405 225 to put your mind at ease?

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