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Website Design, how to choose a designer / developer

There are so many designers and developers in the Australian market it is often difficult to choose or know where to start so we are hoping this blog will give you some guidance for your project.

What is the difference between a web Designer vs a web Developer?

We have a designer-developer workflow.

The team collaborates together so there aren't any roadblocks with productivity.

This guarantees what we produce is what the client and user experiences in the way we envision them.

Our web designers are across the overall look and feel of the website. We take your brief and massage it into a visual stylish layout. Once you are happy with the design we move to stage 2, the development.

We work closely with our web developers who build your website guaranteeing your design not only looks fantastic, it will work and function without any issues.

All of our websites are CMS (content management) websites, which means you are able to update your website, simply and easily as required.

Beware the Jack-of-all-trades

There are a lot of developers out there but can they design? Unfortunately it is rare for any one person that can produce high quality designs and implement them correctly.

Equally there are a lot of designers, but can they design for web applications?

Designing for the web

Not all print based designs can be converted to work functionally online, and it's important when choosing a designer that they understand the technologies that the design will be integrated into.

Just Say Ah design have been designing for print and the web for over 20 years so we are able to translate what you need online, so you don't need to worry.

How much does a website cost?

This varies according to what type of website you are after, sites commence at $1800+gst up to large business websites of 30+ pages and e-commerce websites.

Call us on 0411 405 225 for a quote and we'll look after you.

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