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Online social trends

Keeping a close eye on online social trends

We're always keeping a close eye on online social trends and finding the best practices to market to consumers.

Without a doubt mobile devices and social media advertising is influencing purchases as-well-as adding to an interactive in-store experience.

Of course we we not be so niave to not incorporate offline (traditional) marketing avenues to complete each 90 day plan however social media advertising increases the opportunity to reach customers beyond the traditional paid media.

One trend would be the R.A.K or Random Acts of Kindness. This incorporates Online with Offline applications.

Are YOU paying attention to your clients twitters?

Everyone LOVES free stuff and surprises.

Imagine this scenario - you've had a horrible day at work and right at that critical point in time you receive a huge floral bouquet to brighten your day?

Flower delivery service Interflora has launched a social media campaign in the UK designed to brighten up the lives of Twitter users by sending them flowers. As part of the campaign, Interflora monitors Twitter looking for users that it believes might need cheering up. Once found, the users are contacted by tweet, and sent a bouquet of flowers as a surprise.

Not only does it sound FUN for the recipient the kindness spreads  far beyond, as they will gladly tell their friends and followers about the unexpected good news!

So all things aside the lesson here is if you can help your consumers feel good about your product they are more than happy to publicly disclose your good deed and ultimately the more publicity your brand yields.

Don't believe us?

Why not trial it for yourself? Are you paying attention to YOUR clients needs?
Offline applications can be compassionate, charismatic and outright fun!

Give it a go and let us know how your offline R.A.K campaign goes, we'd love to hear about it.

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