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Vamping the Corporate Profile

Recently I received a document from a valued client to print their annual mail out to new prospects and current customers.

  • The content was good and I could see the 'time' and 'effort' my client had put into 'trying' to make the word document look good, however it lacked any sophistication and didn't reflect a successful, experienced company.

It looked what it was, a Microsoft Word document.

Perception is everything to a business.Why spend time and money to print and mail a corporate profile if it looks cheap?

My conscience got the better of me, I just couldn't let something inferior go out there into the market with my clients brand on it!

Who would have known - a design agency with a conscience?

After a quick discussion with said client we weaved our magic to revamp the document into a fully 'ripped' beautiful sales piece to be proud of - all within deadline and budget!

So next time you promote YOUR business and want your great ideas beautifully executed, contact us first on 0411 405 225 to discuss how we can help you.


We are fast and reliable and there are no hidden surprises.
We work within your budget and offer a broad range of services so your advertising and marketing can be handled all under one roof.
You'll save time and money and most importantly we always make our clients look great!



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Tracy-lee Adams has provided creative design services for over 22 years to a wide range of industry types and company sizes.

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