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Design is subjective, individual, intuitive and instinctive

we're just as passionate about branding

A design is an expression of an individual characters mind. It can express a mood, attitude and opinion. Design is a great idea visually simplified

The Design Process: a quick insight into Tracy-lee's headspace...

Design isn't all about good looks, a good design needs to communicate a message easily and effectively.

When I commence a design I look at the purpose of the project first.  Who is it directed at? and then give that message style.

I create preliminary roughs testing various base grids and fonts, colours and work with any formal elements or design criteria within the brief from the client to give me a base draft.

The first draft presented is not necessarily the final artwork it is a starting point for discussion and questions.

All Just Say Ah designs are flexible so the draft can be adapted to the needs of the client. 

There may be several changes added or subtracted to the project. New images added, copywriting, proofreading and any formatting adjustments applied to give us the final design.

Once the final design has been approved our clients' can sit back and wait for there stunning brochures to arrive hot off the press.

We create beautiful designs – need one? call 0411 405 225.

Hot Tip

DESIGN IS ABOUT THE WHOLE, NOT THE PARTS. Consider our copywriting service for your content rather than try/do it all yourself.

A good product communicated poorly raises doubt.  This may not matter much if your customers didn't have alternatives, but they do - and they know it!


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Tracy-lee Adams

Tracy-lee Adams has provided creative design services for over 22 years to a wide range of industry types and company sizes.

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