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Choose Print – It’s Sustainable ...

There are many misconceptions about the environmental impact of print on paper since printers and their suppliers use natural resources – trees - as the starting point of their products.

Many people think that by forgoing printing, they are saving trees and making the right choice for the environment. However, the exact opposite is true.

Here in Australia, native forests produce timbers for woodcraft and furniture production, sawn timbers for construction, and pulpwood for making fine papers.

Australia’s native forests are well preserved and conserved. Timber production from native forests is governed by strict regulation and independent third party scrutiny. All forests are managed to ensure future generations have the same options and opportunities.

Paper is biodegradable, renewable, recylable and sustainable.

More and more consumers and corporations around the world want to be assured that the paper, timber and other forest products they purchase and use are drawn from legally and sustainably managed forests and plantations.

In the case of Australian forests and plantations, the peak certification is the Australian Forestry Standard. 

What is the australian forestry standard?

AFS is the leading management standard of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme, which certifies native forests as well as plantations in Australia.

AFS is a world-class forestry standard, developed through a rigorous three-year process with people representing the community, industry, expert scientists and government co-operating to draft the Standard.

The AFS was developed in Australia, by Australians and for Australians, and is endorsed by the world’s largest assessor of sustainable forest management, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

What’s the verdict?

Print is responsible.

Use print, it is tangible, it is effective in getting your message across and when recycled it will come back to us as paper or board.

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