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What is a CMS (content management system) Website?

A content management system is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It is installed by web designers (us), but intended to be used by you.

First off, it provides you with a simple, non-technical way of updating your content. This is typically done through an internet browser such as; internet explorer, safari, firefox etc.

Add text has similarities to Microsoft Word. Just point-and-click, type in the new words, and hit save. Your site is instantly updated.

You are able to add new pages, delete old ones, or restructuring the site to match your new business model.

The CMS also automates menial tasks, such as applying the same page layout and appearance across the site. Menus and other navigation are also automatically produced.

Along with the many other administrative tools, this leaves you to concentrate on the words, and not on the technology.

What are the benefits?

A content management system makes life much easier in many ways:

  1. You are no longer dependent on the web designers making changes for you.
  2. Changes can be made any time they are needed, day or night. This is increasingly important as your business comes to rely on the website as a communications channel.
  3. All the technical details are simply handled by the CMS, allowing anyone to manage and update the site.
  4. Multiple staff can keep the site up-to-date, instead of being restricted to just one person. The CMS will track who is doing what, avoiding potential confusion.
  5. You can even ensure that each staff person can only update the sections of the site they are
  6. responsible for.
  7. The CMS ensures that all the pages are consistent in design, and will build all the menus and other navigation for you.
  8. The many other powerful features of the CMS allows the site to grow in sync with your business.

All our websites are CMS sites

Our choice CMS is Joomla and we've proud to say we've been using this open source for the last 5 years and - we love it!

It's powerful, easy to use and has litterally millions of extension available worldwide. The software supports all business types, small, medium to large organisations.

We're happy to talk more about this...  

Why not give us a call 0411 405 225 to put your mind at ease?

Choose Print – It’s Sustainable ...

There are many misconceptions about the environmental impact of print on paper since printers and their suppliers use natural resources – trees - as the starting point of their products.

Many people think that by forgoing printing, they are saving trees and making the right choice for the environment. However, the exact opposite is true.

Here in Australia, native forests produce timbers for woodcraft and furniture production, sawn timbers for construction, and pulpwood for making fine papers.

Australia’s native forests are well preserved and conserved. Timber production from native forests is governed by strict regulation and independent third party scrutiny. All forests are managed to ensure future generations have the same options and opportunities.

Paper is biodegradable, renewable, recylable and sustainable.

More and more consumers and corporations around the world want to be assured that the paper, timber and other forest products they purchase and use are drawn from legally and sustainably managed forests and plantations.

In the case of Australian forests and plantations, the peak certification is the Australian Forestry Standard. 

What is the australian forestry standard?

AFS is the leading management standard of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme, which certifies native forests as well as plantations in Australia.

AFS is a world-class forestry standard, developed through a rigorous three-year process with people representing the community, industry, expert scientists and government co-operating to draft the Standard.

The AFS was developed in Australia, by Australians and for Australians, and is endorsed by the world’s largest assessor of sustainable forest management, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

What’s the verdict?

Print is responsible.

Use print, it is tangible, it is effective in getting your message across and when recycled it will come back to us as paper or board.

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Will Google+ Sparks give Twitter the bird?

The Google+ Project is well underway with Google taking head on Facebook, Twitter and other well branded social hangouts. 

So what's all the hype and what's in it for me?

Only a recent 'active' convert to social media myself at first glance I wondered why Google would bother launching yet another social communications site?

On closer read I was amazed at the potential this may have and how I could use this. I have Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube account(s), but it excited me FINALLY, (it seems), all these applications could be amalgamated into 1(+)!

What's the +1?

Google+1 Integrates the Google search application with their new social platform. Makes sense, 2/3 of the world use Google as a search engine but now you have the ability to +1 (or LIKE in Facebook terms) a business or service.

By Google pooling (accessing) Google Profiles & Google Buzz you will be able to see who, in your network, LIKES a business or service, I'll call this 'Referrals', and let's face it, Referral business is a 98% certainty.

The other 5 features I'm excited about (these could change as it's a Project not a Product as yet) are....

Google Circles

Google Circles is a far easier than Facebook way to create GROUPS, (or separate folders), of friends and contacts. By clicking on a contact and dragging that person into a Circle (or folder) you can create groups of Friends, Family, Work Contacts etc., so when you do post a message you can be assured the information you want to share will only go to the specified Circle of your choice!


Hangouts is an extension to the Google recently purchased Skype application where you can Hangout with, (or see), whoever is online from your Circle of friends and chat face-to-face through your web cam or, if your having a bad hair day, use the imessaging instead - all online and all for free.

Last but not least is Sparks

This to me seems to be a possible winner and the ultimate insult to Twitter where you share what's on your mind - Google Really Is Giving Twitter The Bird here!

So far the Google Project seems great and I can't wait to see the final Product. 

We'd sure like to hear your thoughts!

So you're going to do your own graphic + web design?

The 5 DIY Myths

Myth No.1 – I'll do it myself

You have just invested in the latest Adobe software so you can compile all the graphic and web design for your company in the hope of saving money by doing it all yourself.

You know a little bit about computers so really, it couldn't be that difficult right?

I've been actively working in graphics now for 26 years. I've grown up with the software, plus put in the many, many hours of study (a diploma and various certificate courses on pre-press, creating knives* etc.) with current ongoing learning which is constantly changing and growing along with the technology.

To put it bluntly, NO you cannot learn graphic + web design, quickly and if you could learn it quickly, how good would it be?

There is no magic button on your desktop that will randomly spit out beautifully designed advertisements (and create copy) at the correct resolution required by the publication.

If it was that easy, I would have been out of business many years ago!

Myth No.2 – How much time do you have to learn all this?

If you have the time to do a graphic and web design course, and the budget, then you will need to put in the hours to do the work and do it properly.

If you are currently working a regular 8 hour day, then you will need to do this all outside of those designated hours aka... I have input into my accounts but I don't want to go off and study to be an accountant, I simply don't have the time.

Myth No.3 – It'll be alright or will it?

What will you do if something goes wrong or your file is incorrect?

It can be a very expensive lesson to learn after you send off a file and it doesn't print correctly or print at the correct colours for a publication or advertisement.

If you are responsible for the artwork then you are responsible for the outcome and payment - OUCH!

Myth No.4 – Graphic + Web Design is expensive

Just call us 0411 405 225 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will go through exactly what it is your after and how we can help you within your budget.

Myth No.5 – It can't be that hard?

See Myth No.1 for this answer. 

  • Have you tried to do your own Graphic and Web Design?
  • Have you had success or failure?
  • We'd really like to hear your feedback and comments on this one..!

* Knives – technical terms for drawing dies#
# Dies - oh dear I'm not opening a can of worms with technical notes here you'll have to contact us for that one.

Making the 'Ordinary' EXTRA-Ordinary

Vamping the Corporate Profile

Recently I received a document from a valued client to print their annual mail out to new prospects and current customers.

  • The content was good and I could see the 'time' and 'effort' my client had put into 'trying' to make the word document look good, however it lacked any sophistication and didn't reflect a successful, experienced company.

It looked what it was, a Microsoft Word document.

Perception is everything to a business.Why spend time and money to print and mail a corporate profile if it looks cheap?

My conscience got the better of me, I just couldn't let something inferior go out there into the market with my clients brand on it!

Who would have known - a design agency with a conscience?

After a quick discussion with said client we weaved our magic to revamp the document into a fully 'ripped' beautiful sales piece to be proud of - all within deadline and budget!

So next time you promote YOUR business and want your great ideas beautifully executed, contact us first on 0411 405 225 to discuss how we can help you. – 0411 405 225
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