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ZeroRisk International – Tony Loughran

I met with Tracy Lee Adams (Director of Just Say Ah) in 2012 and what struck me straight away about her is her speed and accuracy of delivery. Her attention to detail is astounding and she can be trusted with the most complex of documents.

Never before have I had any marketing / support consultant follow through as quickly as her. Tracy is a hard working designer who is genuinely interested in your line of work and is never short of ideas and innovative ways to improve your product.

In 2013, I recognised that my website was in need of an overall as we had expanded and my web did not portray our workload and niche service. Without hesitation I turned to Tracy for guidance and inspiration and she delivered by the bucket load. My website today is commented on by all of my clients and has even received praise by some leading media companies I work with which is a great testimony to a her dedication and commitment.

In 2014 i came up with the idea of developing an innovative Security APP and again I turned to Tracy with the idea. She not only assisted in the design of my APP’s pages but researched companies who could help build this important product.

Such is the success and brilliance of her work other APP Companies are now engaging Tracy to build not only their APP pages but interactive Websites and Databases.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy and Just Say Ah and wish her all the success for the future.

Tony Loughran
Director, ZeroRisk International

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