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Social Insights

I've worked with Tracy for over 10 years on the widest range of design briefs, from logo design and packaging to web sites.

Tracy is a great designer and importantly she understands the importance of  deadlines and budgets. She never appears fazed by pressure and has always delivered to the highest standards. With her professional attitude towards client service and enthusiasm to deliver, I'm sure our business relationship will continue for many years to come.

Steve MacAlpine, Social Insights 

Living Proof Book Editing

I've had the pleasure of working as an editor with Tracy-lee Adams for several years. During every publication project we're involved in together, I'm impressed with her professionalism, troubleshooting skills and ability to understand the editor's role in bringing documents to an acceptable standard for publication and preventing embarrassing errors from occurring in the finished document.

Tracy has had as many years' experience as a professional designer as I've had as a professional editor and proofreader, and it's a relief to work with someone who can anticipate problems and explain solutions in a simple way that anyone could understand. Whether we're working on a book, a brochure or a website, I can trust her to add immense value by delivering the best and most exact creative design and layout possible.

In the spirit of collegiality, I'm always happy to send clients Tracy's way because I know we're kindred spirits -- me with the text and she with the visuals! 

Deb Doyle
Living Proof Book Editing
Editorial Training Services
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Dee Why Grand Commercial Website

Tracy’s work is outstanding, if you are looking for a web designer who is able to create a site for your business that can exceed your expectations and is delivered on time and on budget then you need to speak with Tracy. Her dedication to creating excellent products and her ability to deliver on her commitments makes her a pleasure to work with.

Paul Bakker
Stable Real Estate, Dee Why Grand Commercial Website

Barb McCarthy, OAM

I've been a business mentor for many years and was fortunate to provide some guidance to Tracy. She is the most impressive and creative mentoree I have ever assisted and is a true professional. – 0411 405 225
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