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Brand your social media

If you don't brand your social media then you could potentially be missing out on new clients!

Your branding should be consistent across all mediums to maintain your organisations impact by their identity. It makes a strong first impression if it's implemented well and supports your brand.

Your brand tells a story and you may only get one chance to impress.

There are multiple social channels so you need to create something compelling to engage your audience and encourage them to connect with you.

Of course using useful content and great images in your 'feed' also engages your target market but that's another Article for another time about How To Create Great Content.

So from a promotional aspect you should ask yourself;

  • Is your branding consistent?
  • Do you leverage your brand through your social media by sharing content or allowing others to share your content with your branding?
  • Do you amplify events by promoting them with your brand?
  • Does your brand look professional?

If the answer is NO to any of the above you could be doing your business an injustice!

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