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Beyond A Joke - Website Revamp

Ah!nother happy client!




The website is a responsive site, meaning it will work across all technology and is fully loaded as a CMS website meaning our client can update the website themselves without any coding knowledge. 

The social media icons and important contact information is essential in the top right hand corner. The phone number and emails are all LIVE for tap and contact quickly.

Beyond A Joke's target market is teenage youth so it was important for the website to appeal to a younger age. The design has a stylish contemporary look and feel however it still required a professional appearance for the corporate sponsorship and voluntary roles required to run the Centre.

Just Say Ah! felt it was important to incorporate social media which is the main forum for teenagers with twitter and facebook and utilising Linked-In as the more corporate sector.

All design elements were carried across to the relevant social media (Facebook / Twitter / Linked-In) being all the new look avatars and background tiles were rebranded to reflect the corporate style giving a much needed profile boost.

The four major areas being Courses, Support Groups & Voluntary Roles, Donations & Fundraising and Sponsorship have been highlighted in the main body of the home page enticing the user to click - very easy navigation.

We wanted to engage the visitors and have multiple 'touch points' by adding Join Our Tribe (eNewsletter growing the database), Facebook, Twitter, reading the online blog and the ability to add RSS feed plus highlight the Books available for sale.

We added a BLOG which was we appropriately named REAL STORIES where information on various topics, testimonials and general information can be added to the site offering education and ultimately adding site optimisation organically.

Just Say Ah! had the opportunity to update the branding for the logo which was modernised. The cockatoo image is reflective of the reason the Beyond A Joke centre commenced. The image and dedication of Bruce Pennington was moved to the top of the website so the connection between logo, reason and the mission statement of the Centre became obvious to the visitor. Previously these were at the base of the website so the connection was overlooked.

By clicking the continue reading button below we have added a PREVIOUS screen grab of the home page so you can see the major difference in look and feel as well as a better functionality from the users point-of-view.

We'd love to hear your feedback.



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